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Why You Should Work With Cash Home Buyers In Detroit

Are you thinking about selling your house in Detroit, Michigan? Would you like to sell your house as fast as possible? Then you’re probably considering all of the costs involved in trying to make that happen. Selling your house on the open market is what a lot of people think is the main way to do it but doing so comes with all kinds of costs. Pre-listing costs, repair costs, cleaning costs, and marketing costs, just to get you started. And when you do finally sell your house you’ve got to pay real estate agent commissions and closing costs. When you add everything up, you might be wondering if all the costs and time involved end up being worth it. Is there a better option out there to sell your house fast?

The good news is that there are alternatives when selling your house that can cut down on the costs involved and ensure a quick sale. When you sell your house as-is to a cash home buyer like Tower Home Buyers, you remove so many of the “normal” costs of the home buying process, not to mention the time it takes for everything to happen. If you’re looking for Detroit cash home buyers who are worth considering, there are easy ways to see who to work with as well. Here’s why you should work with reputable cash home buyers in Detroit like Tower Home Buyers.

Advantages Of Working With Cash Home Buyers In Detroit


There Are No Real Estate Agent Commission

Let’s say you’re going to sell your house on the open market. We would assume that means you’ll be represented by a real estate agent in Detroit. That person is going to take a commission fee for their services when the home sells. That fee usually ends up being around five or six percent of the final sale price, depending on where you live and various other factors. So if you sell your house for $300,000, you can expect the agent to take roughly $15,000 to $18,000, which will be split with the buyer’s agent. That’s a huge chunk of money, even if your sale price ends up being less than that. When you sell your house to a cash home buyer, you avoid any kind of commission fee because the transaction doesn’t require a real estate agent. There are no middlemen or third parties involved in the transaction. You just deal directly with the cash buyer, they make you a fair offer, and you accept if you like it.

No Home Repairs Are Needed

Even if you’ve done a good job maintaining your Detroit, MI house, selling it on the housing means you’ll likely need to make some repairs in order to make sure you appeal to picky buyers. You can put off repairs and damage while you live there, but that won’t fly for buyers considering whether or not to buy the house from you, especially with all the options available to them. Even before you make any upgrades, you’ll have to pay a few hundred for a pre-inspection report to identify potential repairs or damage. If you’re lucky you’ll find out the repairs you need to make are simple but you might also find out about major damage you didn’t know about, such as mold, termite, or water issues. As for the costs involved with repairs, that can range from a little bit to a whole lot, and hopefully, you hire the right people to fix it the first time.

The best part about selling to a Detroit cash home buyer is that you’re selling the house as-is. There is no need for you to make any repairs to sell the house. No need to even clean up the house. Tower Home Buyers will buy the house in its current condition for cash and not require anything else from you. It’s simple!

There Are No Home Staging Costs

If you sell a Detroit house on the open market, you have to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, some of whom have a very different style to you. Home stagers make your house look as appealing as possible by rearranging furniture, bringing in new furniture, and altering your home decor. The point is to make it so buyers feel like they can see themselves here. Costs can run you between $2,000 to $3,500, on average Sellers will pay that because a large number of people in real estate say it makes a difference and helps a house sell faster on the market. However, when you sell directly to a professional cash home buyer like Tower Home Buyers, you don’t need to do any of that. We will buy it as-is, so there is no need to change anything about your furniture or decor.

There Is No Professional Photography Needed

Listing your Detroit house on the open market means you want to create an eye-catching listing. To do that, you’re going to need professional photos to make your house pop. The difference between pro photos and amateur photos is night and day. You know the difference when you see it and you should know that it costs a lot. And if you’re listing on the market, it’s wise to have it photographed in a way that showcases all of the best angles and colors. Of course, when you sell to a cash buyer, you don’t have to hire any photographers. We don’t need you to impress us with great photos because we’re interested in the property’s potential. Buyers like Tower Home Buyers will buy your house in its current condition. 

You Have No Curb Appeal Concerns

Making sure your Detroit house is ready to sell on the open market isn’t just about making sure it looks good on the inside. You also want to make sure it looks good outside as well. Curb appeal is incredibly critical when you’re selling on the open market because you never know when a potential buyer might want to stop by. That means you need to prep the house for its first impression by painting, landscaping, repaving, replacing fencing, or anything else that ups the curb appeal. As you’ve probably guessed by now, you don’t have to do that when selling to a cash home buyer because they buy your house in its current condition. It doesn’t matter if the lawn hasn’t been mowed in a while for them.

You Don’t Need to Make Concession

When you enter into negotiations with a buyer on the open market, it can get heated and testy. And there’s going to be a lot of give and take, depending on many factors. Seller concessions aren’t a cost in the traditional sense, but they will mean less money for you overall. These are fees or costs that you either waive or end up covering the buyer’s behalf in order to make the sale happen. 

There are no concessions when you sell your Detroit house directly to a cash home buyer because there are no negotiations. Tower Home Buyers will make you a no-obligation offer and if you accept, we will give you cash. That’s it. No back and forth negotiations needed. It couldn’t be easier.

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There Are No Closing Costs Either

Closing costs vary but almost always include things like insurance fees, appraisal fees, and title fees. There are also things like loan payoffs, prepayment penalties, and HOA dues to consider. Closing costs often climb into the thousands pretty quickly and can end up taking a big bite out of your sale price. 

So many of the fees that make up closing costs don’t apply when you sell your Detroit house to a cash home buyer. We offer you cash for your house and then put cash in your pocket right away if you accept it. Contact us today to start the process of selling your house to a trusted home buyer now. 

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