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Selling A Vacant House In Michigan: A Guide To Sell

Trying to sell a house in Michigan on the open market under ideal conditions can be difficult. If you’re attempting to sell a vacant house in Michigan, that could add another layer of difficulty and stress to the process. Not only do you need to make sure the house appeals to buyers in the best way but you also have to make sure you’re protecting this otherwise empty house from those who might want to take advantage of it. There are definitely plenty of good reasons to consider selling your house fast to a cash buyer instead of listing on the open market. But if you want to pursue a market sale, let’s take a close look at how to sell a vacant house in Michigan.

A Guide to Selling a Vacant House in Michigan
a vacant house for sale in michigan


Consider Your Curb Appeal

Because the house you are attempting to sell doesn’t have people living in it, it’s going to lack some energy that buyers want to fell when they walk in. So you’re going to need to provide a spark that will make them want to keep looking. The ideal way to do that is to make sure your curb appeal is top-notch. Make sure that when potential buyers drive past your property, they can’t help but stop to take a closer look. Make sure the lawn is mowed, the shrubs are trimmed, the flower beds are weeded, the gutters are clean, and the windows sparkle. If you can, give the exterior and any fences a fresh coast of paint. And remove any trash or unnecessary items found on the property or in the garage. 

Clean Up

There are a lot of reasons you might be selling a vacant house in Michigan. It might have belonged to someone who is deceased. You might have been renting it out. There may have been tenants who left without taking care of their things. Whatever the situation, you can’t try to sell a house on the open market that is dirty or unkempt. If nothing else, you don’t want cobwebs and dust to start collecting and sending the wrong message. Make sure you do a thorough cleaning, or even better, hire professional cleaners to come in and make the place really shine. You’ll have to invest in supplies or pay for the service, but that’s going to make a huge difference. 

Make Sense of Rooms

Depending on the layout of the vacant house, it can be a little confusing to understand where each room begins and ends. Without furniture, household items, and wayfinding materials, it can get hard to know what the purpose of each empty space is, especially if you’re looking at an open floorplan. Consider furnishing spaces, either fully or at least minimally, in order to provide context for each room. In other words, put a couch in the living room, throw a rug in the hallway, and consider a kitchen table in the kitchen. Give buyers something to work with mentally to make it easier for them to picture life here. 

Because so many houses are now built with multipurpose and dual-function rooms, you need to take extra care in defining them for potential buyers. Buyers can have a hard time making sense of blank space, so it’s your job to show or tell them what the point of the room is. Rugs and tables are helpful ways to give a room some shape. You can also go ahead and post signs or cards that actually explain what the room is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s unclear which one is the playroom, which one is the computer room, and which one is the craft room, so by pointing it out, you’re making it very easy for the buyer to see. 

Let the Local Authorities Know

If you’re trying to sell a vacant house in Michigan, it stands to reason that you are not currently living there. That also probably means you can’t keep an eye on it at all times. There are plenty of people out there who would be happy to take advantage of the situation if they knew your house was vacant. Squatters are always looking for an empty residence to try and claim. Vandals could consider your vacant house the perfect place to tag graffiti in peace. And thieves will certainly want to take a look around if they can. 

So it’s important that you let the local authorities know that your house is for sale and currently empty. Often, local law enforcement agencies will make a note of it and take an extra look during drive-bys and patrol. And if they know the house is supposed to be vacant, they can make a note of any people they see there during off-hours. This is especially important if you’re selling the vacant house from out of town or out of state and won’t be able to monitor it for days at a time. 

Secure Your Entrances

Along the same lines, you want to make sure that the vacant house is as secure as possible for the times when you aren’t there. Obviously you want to make sure the locks on all doors work effectively, but there are plenty other ways someone can break into the vacant house that you need to protect against. Make sure all first-floor windows are secure and include some kind of bar or extra lock. Consider installing bars or sticks in sliding door tracks. And if there isn’t an alarm system in the house or on the property, it’d be a good idea to add one. Also, consider adding some motion sensor lighting in the front and back of the house to scare off any prowlers in the middle of the night. 

Keep the Lights On

Good, bright lighting will do wonders to give your vacant home some life. It not only helps make rooms seem bigger but also creates a warmer atmosphere. So make sure that all the light bulbs work, the light fixtures are in working order and clean, and any outdated lighting features are replaced or updated. If the previous tenant took lamps or fixtures with them, make sure you replace them as to not create negative space that the buyer will notice. You should also consider adding desk lights and side table lamps where necessary. 

Keep the Utilities On

Along the same lines, even though the house is vacant, you’ll want to keep paying the utilities to make sure that gas, water, and electricity are always on when a potential buyer takes a visit. It will get very awkward if they attempt to test a faucet and nothing happens. The same goes for the oven or a light fixture. Plus, if the utilities are off, that makes an implication to the buyer that something is wrong or needs to be fixed, and that’ll turn them off. 

a vacant house for sale as-is in michigan

Sell Your Vacant House As-Is Fast for Cash

As you can see, selling a vacant house in Michigan on the open market can be a time-consuming and expensive ordeal and that’s more frustrating the longer it lasts. An alternative that will allow you to sell the house without dealing with all the hassles involved is to sell it as-is to a cash buyer like 810 Home Buyers.

The process is simple and you are under no obligation at any point in the process. You just contact us with the details regarding your vacant house. We’ll take a look and then contact you for more information or to possibly take a tour. You don’t need to make repairs, clean up, or sort anything out related to the house. We will buy it in the condition it is currently in. 

Then, we’ll make you a fair offer without lowballing you. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. If you approve of the offer, you set the conditions of closing, often within a few days. We pay you in cash and then take over ownership of the vacant house. You don’t have to worry about it anymore and you get to move on with your life. 

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