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Steps To Selling Your House In Michigan: A Guide To Sell Your House

Whether you’re selling your house for the first time or for the twentieth time, it can be a daunting process full of pitfalls and problems. There are so many things you need to know about the rules, laws, financial considerations, and unique situations that can affect a transaction. If you’re planning to sell your house in Michigan, there are plenty of local laws to remember as well as unique factors to consider about this housing market. Let’s take a look at all the steps to selling your house in Michigan.

A House For Sale In Michigan

Selling Your House in Michigan: The Basics

If you want to find a quick buyer for your house, that can be easier said than done on the open market. That usually requires that your house is priced low and is also in great condition. Of course, if speed is the biggest factor, you can also sell your house directly to a cash buyer like 810 Home Buyers. You don’t have to worry about renovations or repairs, you get a fair offer quickly, and you get paid in cash. 

But if you’ve got your heart set on selling on the open market, there are some steps you’ll need to consider in order to make the sale. There are so many different methods and ways to sell your house that all create their own challenges. We’ll walk through each step below in order to give you a fuller picture of what it means to choose the very best buyer for your particular home based on what you want to accomplish.

Set the Right Price For You

Selling the ideal price is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when selling a house in Michigan. You have to strike the perfect balance between what you want to make off the sale and what local buyers expect to pay based on the condition and value of the property. Price too high and you’ll scare off buyers. Price too low and you’ll cut yourself out of potential profits. 

One of the best ways to get an idea of your Michigan home’s true market value is to look at the recent sales figures of homes in your neighborhood. There are plenty of online real estate resources you can use to find this information. Look for houses that are similar to yours nearby and make sure to note the original asking price versus what they ended up selling for. You’ll get a good sense of the way buyers are viewing the market right now. 

Get Your House in Order

If you’re going to sell on the market you also want to make sure the home is in great condition in order to attract as many buyers as you possibly can. Buyers will want to see themselves in the home and they’ll want to feel like it’s a good investment to buy your house instead of others. So any damage or problem areas will need to be fixed or accounted for. You’ll also want to do a big cleaning and decluttering of the property.

Did you notice that other homes in the neighborhood had certain features? If you’ve got the means, consider adding that feature to your house as well. And don’t forget curb appeal as you’ll want to make sure anyone driving by will want to stop and take a closer look. All of this means putting in time and money, but if you want a higher sale price on the market, this is what’s necessary. 

Selling Your House in Michigan With a Realtor

If you decide to sell on the open market, you’ll probably want to retain the services of a Realtor or real estate agent. They are trained to understand the market and know the best ways to get your house in front of potential buyers. They can also get your house listed on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which will give you an online presence, critical for letting buyers find you these days. Realtors and agents provide marketing assistance, plan open houses, and have professional relationships with other experts who can help create a sale.

Of course, a real estate agent is not doing this service out of the kindness of their heart. A Realtor or real estate agent will take a commission from the sale, The average commission is around six percent, which is split between your agent and the buyer’s agent. So remember that you’ll have to take that chunk out of the final sale price and profits.

A House For Sale In Michigan By Owner

Selling Your House in Michigan by Yourself

If you want to list your house on the market but don’t want to pay a real estate agent, you can list the home yourself. This is often known as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transaction. It is true that going this route means you don’t have to pay your agent’s commission but you should know that you’ll still have to account for the buyer agent’s commission (three percent or so) if they have one. 

In theory, it might sound like you’ll save money going this route but it rarely works that way unless you’re an expert yourself. Otherwise, it’s unlikely you’ll know all the rules and regulations to follow, be able to reach all the buyers you’d like, and know all the best practices. You’ll also have to handle negotiations yourself, which isn’t always something people are comfortable with. Not to mention all of the time and resources you’ll have to put into the process by doing this alone. 

10 Tips To Sell Your House Fast In Michigan

Selling Your House in Michigan With a Direct Home Buyer

A popular way to sell your house that doesn’t involve listing your home on the open market is by using direct home buyers, or real estate investors. There are quite a few reasons why this process can be more beneficial for sellers. First, if you’re trying to sell a house that is in disrepair or has a lot of issues, it can be too costly to make all of those fixes and then hope for the best when it comes to making that money back. Second, you might be trying to sell a house with a financial hardship attached, like a tax lien or foreclosure. Third, you could be in a situation where selling the house ASAP is critical, like relocation or divorce. You might not have time to wait 60 days for the sale to close. 

Direct home buyers are ideal buyers for you in these situations because they purchase the property as-is. They don’t require renovations, they take on financial issues, and they can buy homes in a matter of days. They make you an offer based on the situation, you accept, they pay you in cash, and you can close as quickly as you like. No need to get caught up in the headaches of selling the house on the market.

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